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Inspired solutions to your cross-cultural challenges!

Four Cross-Cultural Challenges You’ll Face

Preparing for your overseas assignment can be confusing. So is knowing how to prepare with confidence. Knowing the right questions will help you get started.

Our Mission

Our Experience

Confident and fast language learning.

Our introduction to the Growing Participator Approach to language learning. Achieve conversational fluency in 7 months, near-native fluency in 2 years!

Kiss, bow down, or shake hands?

Our ExperienceYour success depends on drinking that third cup of tea. Yet 7 of 10 companies do not require cross-cultural training. Our team has over 50 years of experience doing business with people in other cultures.

Demand to thrive, not just survive.

Our ExperienceYou want to have a positive, life-affirming overseas experience. So stop tolerating culture differences. Instead, embrace them. Our tools will help you to thrive overseas and stay on task in your cause.

Train with those who’ve been there.

Our ExperienceOur team is engaged with men and women in business and nonprofit enterprises around the world. Many of them are among the 2,000 we have trained over the years.

Our Experience

You have already learned one culture: the one you are living in. And you have already learned a language (your first one). Let’s take that knowledge and build on it.

Get up to speed and stay on task with practical workshops, member forums, and trained coaches. And yes, we customize.

- “No Yawning” training
- Over 50 years experience
- Over 2,000 men & women trained
- Credentialed coaching for results

We really believe in this approach and have seen the benefits. One couple arrived before us [but didn’t use your training] and our language has progressed more rapidly because we used this approach and because we have set aside the first year just for language learning.
A Participant,
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